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Empowering Your Digital Presence with Advanced Cybersecurity and Innovative Marketing Solutions

At Layered Intel, we blend unparalleled cybersecurity services with cutting-edge reputation management and digital marketing strategies to safeguard your digital presence while propelling your brand forward. Catering to high-profile individuals, celebrities, organizations, and businesses seeking sophisticated, targeted marketing solutions, we’re here to ensure you stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Safeguard Your Virtual Assets

Cybersecurity & Reputation Management

 Protecting your digital assets and public image with a comprehensive approach that navigates the complexities of the modern digital realm.

Unlock the potential of A.I.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Harnessing the power of AI for advanced threat detection, predictive analytics, and swift incident response.

Elevate Digital Marketing

Google Marketing Supplemental Platform - HLP3.0

Elevating your digital marketing ROI with a hybrid platform that merges advanced search capabilities with dynamic display advertising

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Due Diligence, and Fraud Services

Offering a synthesis of technology and human expertise to swiftly identify potential threats, ensuring the integrity of your transactions.

Criminal Activities Detection

Security With Pattern of Life Detection

Revolutionizing security with advanced analytics to track and deter criminal activities, ensuring a safer environment for your business and community.

Government Contracting

GovCon as a Service & SBIR Success

Simplifying your entry into government contracting and guiding SMEs through the SBIR proposal process for groundbreaking project funding.

Why people choose us...

Comprehensive Solutions

Our team offers a wide range of services, including Open Source Intelligence, Social Media Insights, and cutting-edge digital marketing solutions, providing clients with everything they need under one roof.

Transparent Operations

We at Layered Intel are committed to 100% transparency in all its operations, providing clients with clear visibility into processes and outcomes, and fostering trust and long-term partnerships.

Revolutionary Marketing Strategies

We strive to revolutionize digital advertising with its unique approach to Google Ads and digital display advertising, delivering measurable ROI and boosting brand confidence.

Commitment to Ethics and Reliability

With a strong emphasis on integrity and reliability, we ensure that all operations adhere to the highest ethical standards, instilling trust and confidence in our clients.

Impactful Insights

Layered Intel's innovative Pattern of Life analysis and advanced technologies translate raw data into actionable insights, empowering clients to make informed decisions and enhance security effectively.

Vision for a Better Future

Layered Intel's vision extends beyond business success to creating a safer, more connected, and transparent global community, inspiring clients to be part of a movement towards positive change.

Why people choose us...

Expertise & Innovation

A diverse team of experts from corporate, military, and intelligence backgrounds, combined with the latest technology, provides robust security solutions and innovative marketing strategies.

Tailored Solutions

Bespoke services designed to address the unique challenges and needs of our clients, ensuring both cybersecurity and marketing efforts are precise, effective, and aligned with your goals.

Proactive Protection & Strategic Growth

Our proactive approach ensures not only the security of your digital and public personas but also the strategic growth of your brand and business in the competitive digital and government contracting landscapes.

Your Success, Our Mission

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